What is Vaginoplasty?

Under genital rejuvenation procedures, Vaginoplasty is one of the most commonly done surgeries. It is a cosmetic procedure that tightens up the vagina of a woman after childbirth. It is mainly done in women who experience loosening of their vagina after delivery.

Why Women Want Vaginoplasty?

Women tend to favour undergoing vaginoplasty to regain the tightness of their vagina. While the firmness and tightness of the vagina are regained naturally in most cases, it can remain lax and loose in some women after childbirth.

Procedure of Vaginoplasty

The vagina tightening surgery includes several salient steps that the patient discusses with their doctor prior. If you feel that your vaginal canal hasn’t retracted back to its original shape and firmness, undergoing this procedure can help correct that. The procedure tends to the skin and the muscle laxity around the vagina, helping restore that lost appearance before childbirth. If required, the doctor will also suggest some accessory procedures for further genital rejuvenation. As for the procedure involved in vaginoplasty, the steps include:

The procedure starts with local anaesthesia to numb the area or general anaesthesia and cancel out any risks of pain. The doctor then works on removing the excess skin causing loosness in and around the vagina, as discussed with the patient. Then, the vaginal mucosa is separated from the vaginal muscles and then stitched together to further regain the vagina’s tightness.

Risk Factors of Vaginoplasty

Since vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure, it involves a list of a few risks and complications. They are reversible and can be treated easily with medications and proper aftercare.

Some of the risks include:

  • Haemorrhage
  • Infection
  • Hematoma

Recovery Time and Tips

Vaginoplasty is a surgical process that takes around 1-2 hours for the entire procedure. Most of the patients start walking around once the anaesthesia wears off. As for the recovery timeline for the incision, the pain and swelling prevail for up to 48 hours. As for the normal daily activities, one can get back to the same within 3 days or even less, depending on how fast the recovery is. The total recovery takes up to 8 weeks after the surgery. Patients are also suggested to refrain from engaging in any sexual activity till 8 weeks. If the pain and inflammation around the incision don’t go down after a day or two, apply ice continually.

Result of Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty does more than just improve the appearance and tightness of the vagina; it helps restore the lax appearance too. The vagina tightening surgery becomes pivotal for mothers who feel that their vaginal opening will never return to the original tightness before childbirth. This procedure helps restore better sexual relationships among partners too. It helps instil better confidence in women’s minds, especially in individuals who struggle with self-confidence issues.


We definitely recommend waiting until you are finished having children so that you don’t need additional repairs or plan on having any additional births to be by Caesarean section. Your procedure is meant to be long lasting but having a child vaginally will reverse your prior procedure.

Some people confused a vaginoplasty with a labiaplasty. A labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that alters the labia minora or the inner folds of skin around the vulva. It does not give you the same results as a vaginoplasty. Both are cosmetic procedures that can improve your aesthetic appearance, however, a vaginoplasty improves the size of the vaginal canal, while a labiaplasty exclusively reduces the size of the labia minora, located external to the vagina. Depending on your needs and desire, you may be able to have both of these procedures done at the same time.

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