Breast fat grafting

Many women who want to enhance the look of their breasts may still feel hesitant about undergoing a breast augmentation operation, for fear that implants are an unnatural introduction into the body. The breast fat grafting is implant-free, very safe and extremely rewarding for women who want to enhance their appearance while still looking and feeling utterly natural. Breast augmentation with fat transfer also known as autologous fat graft breast enlargement, allows women to subtly enhance breast size by using a natural alternative to breast implants—their own fat cells.


Fat is harvested by liposuction before being strategically and accurately injected into the breasts. As the procedure uses your own body fat, new blood vessels naturally form within the injected and integrated fat. Not all the fat cells will survive the fat transfer process, which is why more fat is injected into breasts during the procedure so as to achieve the enhancement needed.


Apart from the natural results expected, there are several additional benefits

  • No incisions or scarring
  • No foreign materials introduced into the body
  • No need for implant “maintenance” – breast implants will likely need replacement in the future (10-12 years), whereas the results of fat transfer are long-lasting .
  • No implant complications which may include leak or capsular contracture
  • Liposuction body shaping
  • Breast augmentation can improve the size and shape of breasts and correct asymmetry.
  • Structural fat grafting specifically can lift sagging breasts, improve shape, and even cover up existing implants.


Small volume increases only are to be anticipated

Unpredictable increase in size- Unlike breast enlargement with breast implants, where a more predictable size increase over a wider breast size range can be anticipated, autologous fat transfer can be variable in terms of volume of graft take.

Recovery from Fat Grafting

Recovery from structural fat grafting depends mainly on how many donor sites are used for fat. There will be bruising and swelling in those areas for at least a week. Your breasts may be bruised and swollen too. Soreness can last for approximately two weeks after the surgery. Most bruising and swelling should go away within about three weeks, but minor swelling can linger for up to six months.


Complications are rare with structural fat grafting, but those that can occur include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Irregularities
  • Placing too much or too little fat
  • Calcification and lumps can appear after fat transfer, just as with other breast procedures.


  • It can be especially useful for people unsatisfied with their breasts appearance due to losing volume from pregnancy, weight loss, or aging, you are a good candidate. It’s important to have realistic expectations for results to maintain a healthy body image before and after treatment.
  • If You’re comfortable with enlarging your breast size by one cup or less as fat grafting breast augmentation is not intended to achieve the same magnitude of size increase as traditional breast implants.
  • You have stubborn problem areas to take fat from—Fat Transfer requires removing fat from high-volume areas of the body. Women aren’t good candidates if they do not have enough fat to transfer to achieve desired results.

To survive in its new location, your transferred fat must establish a new blood supply to receive the nourishment it needs to survive. When harvested and injected correctly, fat transfer procedure results should be permanent. It is normal for there to be a percentage of transferred fat that does not survive, which is why touch-up procedures are sometimes necessary.

If you are looking for a small increase in your breast size, fat transfer is a great option for you. On the other hand, if you desire a larger breast size of more than an extra 1 cup then breast implants are probably more suitable for you. With regards to safety, fat transfer to the breasts has an edge over breast implants since they use your own body fat.

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