Chin Augmentation

What is a chin augmentation?

The chin is a crucial element in achieving an attractive, proportionate looking face. Chin enhancement surgery (or chin augmentation) is a highly sought-after corrective procedure that improves the look of the jawline and bring harmony to your face and redefine the size and shape of your chin. As one of the most common procedures in facial enhancement, a chin augmentation involves inserting an implant to construct a more prominent jawline and a more appealing profile . A chin augmentation with implants helps strengthen and increase the prominence of the chin, allowing the facial features to become more balanced and appealing.

Ideal Candidates

Chin enhancement (augmentation) is an aesthetic option for men, as well as women. If you are self-conscious because of the size of your chin, this cosmetic enhancement can improve the lower section of your face and neck. It’s also fairly common for patients to have rhinoplasty as well when they have their chin augmentation procedure. Chin surgery is ideal for individuals who have an inadequate chin bone structure or a chin that is relatively small on the face.

If you have severe microgenia or misaligned teeth, you may not be an ideal candidate for this procedure.

Surgical Technique

During this procedure, general anaesthesia will be administered, or sedation by IV in some cases. It can be performed using your own tissue or an implant. The incision is carefully made just under chin. In this incision, a pocket is made to keep the implant device in its proper place .Chin augmentations can also be performed with an incision inside the mouth near the crease in the lower lip where it connects to your gum line. The chin implant is placed through the incision and positioned on top of the bone, directly below your lower lip. Regardless, both help to conceal scars. Thin sutures are used to close the incisions and your chin will be wrapped with bandages.

What to Expect?

After your chin surgery, you will be on a soft diet and must resist touching your chin. Good oral hygiene is paramount and you will need to clean your mouth regularly with mouthwash. You should keep your head elevated during this time. Any pain you experience may be managed with medication. Even though redness, swelling, and bruise will be present after your surgery, this only lasts a short while. For many, chin augmentation takes about 1 – 3 weeks of healing. Heavy exercise should not be performed while in this recovery window. Chin enhancement treatment creates immediate attractive results, which can be pretty delightful for our patients.

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