The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the opening of the vagina. It can be easily torn through exercise or tampon insertion. Having a torn hymen does not mean that a girl or woman has been sexually active or had sexual intercourse. However, an intact hymen is often felt to mean that she is a virgin. Hymenoplasty surgery, also called hymen repair is restoration the hymenal ring by taking a thin layer of tissue from the vaginal wall and placing it in the location of the torn hymen. A hymenoplasty can done for women who want to restore it due to cultural, religious, or psychological reasons. The hymen can tear for multiple reasons, not just penetrative sex. Common causes of a torn hymen include:

  • Exercise
  • Sports activity
  • Riding a bike or a horse
  • Tampon insertion


To perform hymenoplasty, the vaginal site is first injected with local anaesthesia. As the site numbs very fine stitches are used to stitch together the broken remnant of the hymen. The stitches used are very minute and self-dissolvable. The surgery typically takes less than 30 minutes and the stitches dissolve in around 15 days. It is a small procedure performed on local anaesthesia and you can go home the same day.


Following hymenoplasty surgery, patients typically do not feel any discomfort for approximately four to six hours, which allows enough time to drive home and get comfortable. When the local anaesthetic wears off, most women are mildly uncomfortable for the next 24 hours. We recommend taking the pain medications and antibiotics regularly for the first 24 hours. The sutures dissolve on their own over the next few weeks, leaving the hymen intact without any visible scars.

Post care

Some post-care tips that may help you recover better include-

  • Clean your vaginal area only with plain water and keep the site clean and moisture-free. Do not swipe. If needed, only gently pat dry with fingers. Also, switch to comfortable cotton underwear and loose pants for a few days. This should help avoid any post-surgical infection and itching.
  • As the site heals, it is normal for you to feel a slight itch and burning sensation in your vulvar area. However, please do not itch or rub the surgical site. Instead, use warm compresses and ice packs to relieve pain, discomfort and swelling.
  • Restrict any sexual activity until the site completely heals (minimum 8 weeks).
  • Avoid squatting ,cycling for 6 weeks


Hymenoplasty takes around 1- 1.5 months to heal completely .Therefore, it is a good decision to get it done at least 2 months before your planned event. However, since hymen does not automatically break unless penetrated through a vaginal activity or undergoing strenuous physical exercises, getting it done early would free you of stress and continuous anxiety.

To a certain extent, yes. But not exactly. If you feel you have a loosened vagina, vaginoplasty is answer

No. Hymen repair surgery is performed only on the external vaginal area while all the reproductive organs such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, or uterus, lie much above it, that is- after the cervix. Since no reproductive organ/ tissue is disturbed through the hymen repair process, it does not affect a woman’s fertility or future pregnancies.

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